Società Geografica Italiana

Società Geografica Italiana

The Società Geografica Italiana, in agreement with the Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development in 2014 and with the Department of Humanities of the Roma Tre University in 2016, has established two Research and Development Units, respectively called “Information Systems, population , health and environment “and” Geography and statistics, population and health “. The creation of the two Units aims to strengthen scientific and operational collaboration in the design and implementation of research, development and training activities in some thematic areas today at the heart of international cooperation. The work of the Units focuses on the elaboration and implementation of research interventions and institutional and humanitarian support related to population and health, to the management and history of the territory and to university cooperation. The specific sectors of greatest interest are geo-information, geo-statistics, census and sample surveys, historical and anthropological studies, civil and registry records, health services, data analysis and statistical records and the agriculture report – environment .

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GIS for Data collection and map updating for the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)


Strategy for mapping of the census and statistical construction and housing register: preparation of a strategic document, development of the methodology, updating of maps, testing and evaluation of consistency with the Albanian address system