Open Data Atlas of Childhood at Risk, Save the Children Italia

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Project Description

Atlas of Childhood at Risk

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Maps, graphs and infographics in paper format

Every year Save the Children Italia dedicates an atlas to childhood at risk in Italy in which it analyzes, using data collected from authoritative sources, the condition of minors in our country with a particular focus on some themes chosen from year to year. The Atlas contains a large variety of data and indicators that Save the Children wants to present in a communicative way, especially through maps, infographics and graphics.

The need is therefore to show an analysis of the territories and the geographical differences that can arise to represent the condition of childhood.

GisAction since 2011 works for Save the Children in the creation of maps, graphics and infographics to describe the condition of minors in Italy.

Data and indicators are reworked in a GIS environment to create maps and graphs that clearly describe territorial differences. By using specific GIS tools, it is possible to perform comparative analyzes of various types on the data that give a new and complete view of the phenomena we want to investigate. The color scales and the symbolism of the maps are a tool of great support to communication. Infographics are another product made from data: the communicativeness of these representations, the simplicity of distribution and the design greatly simplifies the information communication processes.

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